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Hair Care and unexplained Hair fall

Hair can be so hard to deal with. Emotionally and psychologically, it can make you feel stressful.

It could also be these following reasons which are really easy to fix:

1. You aren't washing your hair often

2. Your hair is just longer than you scalp can handle.

3. You color it/ blow dry it too often.

Regular once a week use of Mane, can dramatically reduce hairfall and slow down graying of hair, encourage growth of new hair, locks in moisture, help protect against split ends, hair breakage, and dryness

So if it is none of the above here is what could be the reason:

1. Your B12 and ferritin levels are low

2. You aren't getting 30% of you calories from good quality anti inflammatory protein

3. If you are having enough protein then you may have low stomach acids and protein isn't getting digested into amino acids.

4. Do a complete thyroid panel including antibodies.

5. Chronic stress levels

6. Restrictive diets